About ThePPCJerk.com

ThePPCJerk.com is the culmination of the skills and experience gathered from a 15+ year career in PPC management.

I have worked with digital marketing agencies and individual PPC advertisers across a diverse selection of industries.

I have directly worked on thousands of PPC campaigns. From the smallest $500.00 budgets to large big brand campaigns with thousands of dollars a day in budget. Local service businesses to Ecommerce stores and everything in between.

With this experience, I have come to understand that there are often a variety of challenges that advertisers face when trying to find success with pay per click marketing.

I won’t say I have seen everything, but I have seen a lot. More than most.

ThePPCJerk.com provides honest insights into PPC marketing to help businesses find the pay per click marketing results they deserve!

The mission of ThePPCJerk.com is to cut through the crap and get to the the nitty gritty of pay per click success. No holds barred actionable information for better PPC campaigns!

If you are wondering why I have to be a jerk about PPC, check this page out!