Why Do I Have to be A Jerk About It?

I feel that the current state of the pay per click industry is very good at telling the advertiser what they think they want to hear. To give the hard truth backed up by data is something many advertisers are not prepared for. Unfortunately, advertisers are so accustomed to having information presented in a certain way, “sugar coated“, that to be upfront, honest and confident can be interpreted as being a jerk 🙂

I decided to embrace THEPPCJERK concept. I am most comfortable being open, passionate and honest. Even if it is not what the advertiser or agency wants to hear! I am going to give you an unfiltered, true as I see it opinion. Like it or not.

The truth is, that few in the pay per click industry will tell an advertiser, is that it can be really difficult to find true success with PPC marketing.

So may advertisers struggle and fail with pay per click marketing. It’s the hidden shame of the PPC industry.

PPC marketing shouldn’t be as hard as it is often is!

Its Time to Change

  • I have had enough of advertisers wasting money.
  • I can no longer accept advertisers going into PPC marketing with no plan or unrealistic expectations.
  • I have had my fill of watching advertisers with no business doing PPC, try and fail.
  • I don’t want to involve myself with marketing agencies that make unrealistic promises to “get the sale” or “keep the client”.
  • I can no longer stand by and see agencies make decisions because “it’s what the client wants”.

Year after year, advertiser after advertiser, being unable to get the pieces in place to have a successful PPC marketing machine.

Enough is enough!

This is the impetus for THEPPCJERK.com. Too long have advertisers been sold the idea that pay per click is the quick fix, magic bullet for their business. It’s not. And I am here to spread the word.

I want every advertiser and agency to do better with their pay per click marketing. I want every advertiser who should be doing pay per click, to find success.

Let’s make pay per click marketing work for your business, together!

If you are ready to start learning and understanding how pay per click marketing works and have never tried online marketing or pay per click before, your first action should be to read about What is PPC so you have a solid definition to move forward with.