Understanding the Relationship Between Impressions and Clicks

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2019)

Let’s start to dig a little bit deeper into PPC concepts by examining the relationship between Impressions and Clicks. Gain a fuller understanding of how these two building block PPC metrics interact.

In previous posts we took a look at “What is an Impression” and “What is a Click“. If you have not read and understood those concepts, go back and take a look before continuing on here.

Let’s get into understanding the relationship between Impressions and Clicks.

As you know, in PPC marketing when a platform reports an Impression, it means an Ad serves. As I outlined in the “What is an Impression” article, that does not mean a person was aware of an ad.

In contrast, a Click is a person taking action on an ad by clicking it. We know a person saw an Ad (and connected with the message) because they clicked it!

Impressions do not require any awareness on a person’s part, where as a Click is an explicit action a person takes.

The path to getting a Click starts with an Impression. An Ad needs to be served (the Impression), then a person needs to see it, and then that person needs to take action (the Click).

Understanding the Relationship Between Impressions and Clicks

The difference between an Ad being served and connecting in a way which prompts action is huge.

Impressions are about showing your Ads to people who may be interested in your business. Keywords, location targeting, demographic targeting, etc. If interested in what you are offering, they click. They want to know more. Your Ad connected someone.

Who sees your Ad is what produces an Impression. How you speak to them in your Ad is what creates a Click.

The transition from Impression to Click is a powerful moment on a person’s journey towards your business. Businesses using pay per click marketing should place much more focus here than they generally do, in my experience.

At the earliest steps of the process, it is critical to serve Ads to the right people. Then communicate your business message effectively. Setting a solid foundation for a person to reach the goal of every business who advertises. To become a customer.

Now that we explored understanding the relationship between Impression and Clicks, we can move farther into understanding Clickthrough Rate. The measurement of the relationship between Impressions and Clicks.

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