What Is PPC?

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2019)

Before you start PPC marketing you need to understand what PPC is.

What is PPC
Lets learn exactly what is PPC

So, what is PPC?

The term PPC is an acronym that stands for Pay Per Click.

In the minds of advertisers, marketers and agencies, the modern definition of “what is PPC” is almost synonymous with Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) .

Additional similar terms are search marketing and paid marketing.

PPC is often associated search engine marketing, particularly Google. PPC can be a subset of search engine marketing. Paid search marketing would be a little more correct, but that’s still not really just PPC marketing.

PPC marketing is not exclusive to search engines. Display advertising could be pay per click.

Generally, these every day definitions are workable in many circumstances. If someone says PPC marketing and you think of Google Ads, you will probably be correct.

To be precise though, the question of what is PPC has a more exact answer.

What Is PPC?” Here is the definition:

PPC is a digital marketing concept where an advertiser pays for a click on an ad. PPC can be found in any digital medium if the advertiser is charged only when an ad is clicked.

As long as an advertising platform offers the option to pay when someone clicks an ad, it is PPC. There you have it, now you what is PPC!

Some of the most popular ad platforms that offer pay per click advertising include:

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Bing Ads Microsoft Advertising

Yahoo Gemini

LinkedIn Ads

Twitter Ads

It is very important to understand that PPC is literally pay per click. Not pay per session, pay per visitor, pay per engagement, pay per view, pay per user or anything else. Pay per CLICK.

In the most simple expression, someone clicks an ad, you pay for it that click. A person clicks your ad 5 times? You are paying for 5 clicks.

With PPC you will pay for every click
Ignore all you want, but you will pay for every click with PPC.

It’s the click component that is key and unfortunately, is often ignored.

As you continue your journey, remember the above as an example. When it comes to PPC marketing, even the most simple concepts can be somewhat misleading. There is often a deeper and more complete understanding just under the surface.

Now that you know exactly what PPC is, let’s learn about the advantages and disadvantages of PPC.

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